Humans don’t have tails. This is yet another reason that humans are inferior to cats.

Photo by Sister72


Tents are a little large for cats, but can still be useful as a warm place to sleep. Fortunately most humans are sensible enough to provide separate, smaller, indoor tents for their cats too.

Photo by snappybex


Cats always find the best place in the house.

Photo by Dina-Roberts Wakulczyk

Tin foil hat

Tin foil hats block thought waves. Humans generally can’t read cat’s minds anyway so cats don’t need them. Cats, however, can control humans so this cat’s human is clearly trying to get a break from being a cat servant.

Photo by catgoesmurp


Just another cat toy. They take up a lot more space once they are out of the box.

Photo by Danny_Byas


Just another place to sleep until they put water in there.

Photo by Recubejim

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is stored on a fitting designed for the maximum fun while removing it. Humans are very inventive when it comes to places to store cat toys.

Photo by Justin Baeder


A tomato is a round, red fruit that tastes great made into a sauce.

Photo by BF 09


Used for cleaning and eating.

Photo by jiannone


Toothbrushes are strange devices humans put in their mouths. First they cover them with a weird substance that smells like plants.

Photo by emdot


A triangle is a shape. Cats don’t care about shapes.

Photo by tillwe


A place to store luggage and cats.

Photo by Benimoto


A killer of cats, when attached to cars. Avoid, if possible.

Photo by Il conte di Luna