Balance is something cats are very good at. When they fall off things, they are doing it on purpose for the entertainment of humans.

Photo by pmarkham


While usually enjoyed by dogs, balls can be enjoyed by cats too.

Photo by tinney


Funny green stick for sniffing, chewing, and rubbing face. Sometimes comes with pebbles for added entertainment.


Bananas are not cat food. They are mere decorative items.

Photo by PinkMoose


Bandages are an annoyance invented by humans to stop cats licking their own injuries.

Photo by simon_music


Like boxes, baskets were made entirely for the use of cats.

Photo by flowbadger


Bizarre human device. Much nicer when there is no water in it.

Photo by nick farnhill


Beaches are large, slightly wet places. If there are humans there, there is the chance of finding a snack.

Photo by Skrewtape


Beanbags are like a cross between a chair and a bed, clearly designed for the comfort of cats.

Photo by Mike Riversdale


Some humans and some cats have beards. If you combine a cat with no beard and a human with no beard, sometimes you get a human with a beard and no cat.

Photo by Rochelle Hartman


A palatable human drink.

Photo by kirichkov


Food dispenser.

Photo by joshme17


An action used to express your displeasure at a human.

Photo by pestbarn


Bleaching is the process of removing the colour from something. Strong sunlight can bleach things. This cat was black when it started napping.

Photo by robad0b


Blinds are a human invention that stops cats from easily looking out of windows.

Photo by cjc4454


Blue is a standard cat eye colour. Like green. Humans mostly have brown eyes and are jealous of cats.

Photo by Roy Montgomery


Very small tree. Just the right size to make a light snack.

Photo by varmlandspojk


Something that humans use to keep their place in a book. Cats do the job admirably for this function.

Photo by Giraffian


Cats are generally too small to wear boots. However, some cats are small enough to go in boots, which is even better.

Photo by shimgray


Bowls have many uses. You can eat out of them, drink out of them, or just sleep in them.

Photo by Scragz


Boxes are the best thing humans have ever invented. They were clearly made just for the pleasure of cats.

Photo by ansik


Bridges allow cats to travel places on foot they would otherwise have to request a human to take them by boat.

Photo by Peter Kaminski


A device used by species that are too incompetant to lick their own hair nice and smooth.

Photo by Q4RadioGuy

Butternut Squash

Cats are known for their ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, even under a pile of squash. This is just one of the many ways that cats surpass humans.

Photo by @davestone