Cacti are strange things that hurt your nose when you investigate them.

Photo by Eirik Newth


Modern cats are designed to camouflage in modern environments.

Photo by raincrystal


Cars are large objects humans keep near their houses. Cars are not only good to sit on top of but have many sources of warmth, and are excellent places to sleep.

Photo by shekay


A carrybag is a large bag that sometimes has mesh panels, so you can see how many cats are in the bag before you start packing.

Photo by hisashi_0822


Cases are large, hard things that humans take uncomfortable things out of, so that cats can go to sleep in them.

Photo by Dossy Shiobara


Cat-sized, raised, comfortable surface. The best chairs are padded.

Photo by tarale


Being fruit, cherries are not at all of interest to cats.

Photo by davida3

Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is an indoor tree covered in baubles, placed there strictly for cats to play with.

Photo by Dave Hogg


Clogs, like most other human footwear, are simply smelly toys.

Photo by Jami Dwyer


A surface clearly not designed for paws.

Photo by Coradia1000


Hard, inedible, and useful only as a helmet.

Photo by Zeusandhera

Coffee table

Coffee tables are too low to be good cat vantage points, or safe places to sleep. It is unclear why humans persist in having them in their houses at all.

Photo by dougww


Colanders are cat beds with drainage holes.

Photo by Barbostick


Cats can be comfortable anywhere. Humans can’t.

Photo by Hazel


Cats, even at a very early age, know where to sit relative to things around them so they look good. It’s just what cats do.

Photo by Antífama


A plastic indignity inflicted on cats by veterinarians.

Photo by Alex McClung


An emotion that shouldn’t be directed at cats, but often is.

Photo by s13610


Corners are merely places to sit.

Photo by Chika


Cows make cream, which cats like. The cat in this photo is in the window watching the cow.

Photo by ninette_luz


Just another flower. What is it with humans and flowers anyway?

Photo by Miss Claeson


Crutches are inconsequential to cats and, as this picture shows, they are not worth acknowledging. They just slow the humans down.

Photo by Per Ola Wiberg

Crystal Ball

Humans use these to see the future. Cats don’t. They just know.

Photo by [niv]


Cats don’t eat curry. Humans eat curry.

Photo by pinguino