Generally not a good place for cats to sleep. Humans put these in very hot places, where they make food for us to eat.

Photo by MelvinSchlubman


Humans don’t have hairy necks. Cats do. Cats do not need scarves.

Photo by Michelle Owner of the Squishy


Scissors are just a harmless toy, right?

Photo by Heather Kaweck

Seat belt

Cats can’t drive, but they can certainly be passengers.

Photo by Sarah (Rosenau) Korf

Set top box

Set top boxes are warm, convenient places designed for cats.

Photo by filippo.salamone


A simple way to get two cats from one. The second cat is sadly two dimensional and monochrome.

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker


Shafts of light, playing through a venetian blind.

Photo by Sarah_Jones


Generous cats share their beds with humans.

Photo by EraPhernalia Vintage


Mobile blankets. Very confusing.

Photo by James.Whisker


Shelves under coffee tables can be used to store magazines, remote controls or cats.

Photo by blmurch


Undeniably feline.

Photo by HiggySTFC


Cat sized, cat shaped, very comfortable, why do humans have to spoil it with a faucet?

Photo by Kretyen


Slopes do not deter cats. They make humans puff and pant though.

Photo by Alex Gilbert


From little things big things grow.

Photo by Niffty


Something smelly that humans wear on their feet. They insist on leaving them in perfectly good cat basking spots.

Photo by smittenkittenoriginals

Sock drawer

Cats are masters of camouflage, and can look exactly like a sock or a pair of underpants when the need arises.

Photo by Remy Sharp


Cat beds that are large enough to fit some humans on them at the same time as the cats.

Photo by taiyofj


Even cats can understand highly technical terms like ‘span’, and can demo them even better.

Photo by Sarah Jones


A shape easily achieved by a cat with the correct volume of hair.

Photo by Piez


Warm and sensual.

Photo by i eated a cookie


Spouts are on teapots. Tea comes out of them. Humans seem to like tea. Cats do not. But we do like teapots.

Photo by lexandr Solo


How else do you keep an eye on the neighbour’s dog?

Photo by Ernst Vikne


Humans will do anything to get in a photo with a cat.

Photo by Torley


A human invention that makes it easier to get to high places.

Photo by iMorpheus

Steering wheel

A steering wheel is an annoying part of a car that you can neither sit on, nor play with.

Photo by Jacon Davies


Just another comfortable surface to sleep on.

Photo by Romana Klee


Getting out the kinks after a good catnap.

Photo by Amos Moses Griffin


A stump is what is left of a tree when you cut it down.

Photo by angelbenutzer


A cat toy that humans occasionally fill with clothes. But they always leave enough space for a cat.

Photo by elderleaf


Sunglasses stop the sun from getting in human’s eyes. Sleeping all day is more effective.

Photo by Macnolete


Broad range, easily available heat source made just for cats. Unfortunately it is only available during the daytime, and the nighttime substitute is just not very good at all.

Photo by cowlet


Cruel, itchy body covering invented by humans who enjoy laughing and pointing at their cats. Come in a variety of colors and patterns, although Ugly Christmas Sweater is most popular.