A mailbox is something humans have outside their houses. Other humans put paper in them. Humans with exceptional taste make their mailboxes look like cats.

Photo by Michael Coghlan


That cat medicine is so good!

Photo by latch.r


A mermaid is a half-human, half fish. Note half HUMAN. There is no such thing as a mer-cat, no matter how hard humans try.

Photo by Beck Gusler


Mirrors are strange. Whenever you look at them up close, there is always another cat there, looking back at you.

Photo by aprilzosia


Some cats deliberately have mismatched eyes, just so humans take more photos of them.

Photo by jimpg2


A slightly knobbly warm surface to sleep on.

Photo by mourner

Mobile Phone

“I’d like to order a sardine and anchovy pizza please.”

Photo by photofarmer


A bit like a human, but not as easy to make them do things for you.

Photo by Salim Virji


Shades of the one colour - in this case, grey.

Photo by quatre mains


Motherboards come in boxes that are clearly designed to be the right size for cats to sleep in. Purveyors of fine computer components are so thoughtful in this regard.

Photo by KLMircea


Mugs sometimes contain drinks that are quite tasty. They are just the right size to fit a cat’s head into.

Photo by EraPhernalia Vintage


Mulch covers the ground, keeps the soil moist and makes it much easier for cats to camouflage in human backyards.

Photo by Matt Perich


Strange smelling plant-like things that humans seem to like to eat.

Photo by zenera