Half & half

Need a colour scheme? Take a little from column A, a little from column B …

Photo by galateadia


Hammocks are exceptionally large cat beds. They are made big so humans can sleep in them too, when the cat is not using them.

Photo by MyFavoritePetSitter


Handbags are places to keep cats, or to keep cat toys. Either will do.

Photo by Pirate Alice


Just enough room in there to sleep - perfect human engineering.

Photo by Normanack


Scratchy but can be comfortable if you really need somewhere to sleep.

Photo by Miss Baker


Like a tree, but better to hide in.

Photo by Crackers93


Just not hiding well enough.

Photo by Marcus Vegas

His & Hers

When what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine, but I don’t want your stubble in my sink.

Photo by robad0b


Holes are fun to hide in. Humans make them just for cats.

Photo by Michael Cornelius


A hood is something you put over your head, be it by accident or on purpose.

Photo by alamosbasement


A hug is something cat owners do to their cats when they really like them.

Photo by Sunny Ripert