Pampered - the state most cats prefer to be in.

Photo by Ani Carrington


I don’t know what a panda is, but apparently I look like one.

Photo by fox_kiyo


Sleeping cats are quite tolerant of silly humans.

Photo by Adria Richards


A large place to catch birds in.

Photo by shlomif2


Food that talks back.

Photo by Peter Fuchs


Weapons of mass destruction, sheathed in fluff.

Photo by miss vichan


Peeling is something humans do to vegetables to remove the nice chewy layer on the outside.

Photo by Magic Madzik


Fallen petals can confuse cats …

Photo by zenera

Piggy bank

A useless object of no interest to cats. Humans often leave these on surfaces where cats wish to sit, thus depriving the cat of good napping places.

Photo by Foxtongue


Undignified, but warm.

Photo by ingermaaike2

Ping pong

Ping pong is a frivilous game played by humans. It serves no use, and should be interrupted by cats at every opportunity.

Photo by Andrew Wippler


If you can’t get your own human to get you what you want, you can always turn to piracy and take it by force.

Photo by joce01_y

Plastic bag

Apparently designed by humans as a container to carry groceries, plastic bags are far more useful as a rustly hiding place.

Photo by catgoesmurp

Plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is something humans use to stop leftover cat food from drying out and becoming unpalatable to cats.

Photo by mark.hogan

Playground slide

In some countries, playground slides are called slippery dips. They are not usually good cat toys.

Photo by hisashi_0822


Big, useless animal. Ponies don’t actually eat cats, despite what this picture might otherwise indicate.

Photo by Nikki_tate


If it feels good to look at, it must be p0rn.

Photo by dutchlad


A place to sleep. Humans, for some reason, prefer to keep plants in them.

Photo by byrdiegyrl


A cat toy. Often found in pans.


Printers are warm, cat-sized machines that humans leave on their desks.

Photo by William Hale


Cats like purple. This is probably because some major cat food manufacturers also like purple.

Photo by Or Hiltch