Cats are our lords and masters. They are clearly superior to us. So, virtually any word can be illustrated with a photograph of a cat.

If you have some nice pictures of your household cat that can be used to illustrate a word, feel free to add them. Do not be alarmed if your cat does not want to pose with a toaster just to get his 5 minutes of fame. Your cat clearly knows that some other cat has a human with a better toaster that is more fitting for this website.

And of course, we all know the Internet exists largely to share photos of cats. Just look at the way they’ve managed to infiltrate so effectively with the use of lolcats.

So, browse and enjoy. The cats want you to.

(Actually the truth is far less interesting - this site is simply the overflow page from my Photographic Dictionary. Whenever I look for something, the odds are pretty high I’ll find a cat. So I ended up making this site to put the cat photos on.)

And even less interesting, this site is now thoroughly archived. You can find it on Github if you really want to add to it.